Alpha Pi Phi International Conference

Alpha Pi Phi aims to cultivate academic success and leadership skills within our members. Throughout a sister's active period, we see her flourish and grow, she learns skills which will prepare her for her time after Alpha Pi Phi when she proudly bears her letters for life in her professional or further scholastic endeavours. 

Knowledge, Skill & Ability


Each year, representatives from all Alpha Pi Phi chapters meet to discuss proposed improvements to our organization. The international conference serves as an opportunity for active and alumni sisters to see the bigger picture of Alpha Pi Phi as an organization as well as to network and make new friends.

Toni Pascale

"I was an active in Alpha Pi Phi Gamma Chapter for 2 years where I served as Secretary and Vice-President. I went on to be the chapter advisor last year and I am now serving on the International Council of Alpha Pi Phi as the International Secretary. I completed an Undergraduate and Masters Degree in English Literature at Queen’s University. Come September, I will be attending the University of Ottawa where I will be studying Law in hopes to eventually practice family and child advocacy law."


Notable Leaders within Alpha Pi Phi

We are proud to be an organization of empowered women who are strong-willed and minded. We love to see our sisters becoming leaders, whether this is through community engagement, starting a small business or continuing their education. Here are some of our outstandingly ambitious sisters.

Serving as an executive member

Alpha Pi Phi's leadership is comprised of seven overseeing officers. Officer's responsibilities vary, however, these elected officials are the backbone of our organization. It is a true testament of love for Alpha Pi Phi to dedicate your time and energy to the betterment of the organization and its members. Click here to learn more about our executive team.


Cultivating Academic Success

Active members of Alpha Pi Phi are held to the highest academic standard. Our organization aims to provide academic guidance by providing quiet study spaces for our members. Active members are required to attend our quiet study hall each month.

Our academic events include essay editing exchanges, headshot photoshoots and much more.