Meet our Alumni

Alumni status is a privilege which is granted to sisters who have earned their letters for life. Our Alumni represent Alpha Pi Phi and our values in their daily life now that they have finished their time as an active member.

Toni Pascale

"I was an active in Alpha Pi Phi Gamma Chapter for 2 years where I served as Secretary and Vice-President. I went on to be the chapter advisor last year and I am now serving on the International Council of Alpha Pi Phi as the International Secretary. I completed an Undergraduate and Masters Degree in English Literature at Queen’s University. Come September, I will be attending the University of Ottawa where I will be studying Law in hopes to eventually practice family and child advocacy law.


Alpha Pi Phi has taught me so much about myself and has taught me how to be an effective leader while developing life long friendships! I cherish every memory that I have made in APP and am so happy to consistently be surrounded by strong and powerful women who inspire me everyday! APP completely changed my University experience for the better and I gained so much more from this organization than I thought I ever could. I am forever grateful for my time in APP!"