Alpha Pi Phi's leadership is comprised of eight overseeing officers. Officer's responsibilities vary, however, these elected officials are the backbone of our organization. It is a true testament of love for Alpha Pi Phi to dedicate your time and energy to the betterment of the organization and its members. Click here to learn more about our executive team.

Meet our Exec

The role of the president is to oversee chapter development and to work with the executive council to ensure that the chapter is progressing in a positive direction. The president is in charge of facilitating all sorority meetings and is a neutral moderator.

The President oversees the Keeper of the Ritual Chair and the Alumni Relations Chair.


Vice President

The role of the vice president is to enforce sorority bylaws and policies as well as assess and manage risk.

The Vice President oversees the Keeper of the Risk Management Chair and the Academic Support Chair.

The role of treasurer is to create the budget for the chapter's expenses. 

The Treasurer oversees the Fundraising Chair and the Paraphernalia Chair.



The role of the Secretary is to take minutes during sorority meetings as well as to assist other executive council members in creating a cohesive schedule for all sorority activities.



The role of the New Membership Support Officer (NMSO) is to welcome and educate the new incoming class. The NMSO along with the Junior NMSO lead pledge class and oversee the new class in their pledging period.

President oversees the Junior NMSO.

The role of the Membership Development Officer (MDO) is to plan and facilitate recruitment and rush events as well as plan and facilitate all sisterhood events and activities. 

The MDO oversees the Rush Chair, the Recruitment Chair, and the Sisterhood Chair.


Membership Development Officer

The role of the External Programming Officer (EPO) is to plan and facilitate philanthropy events and initiatives as well as social events. The EPO is in charge of planning a semi-formal and formal event with the aim of celebrating our sisterhood. She is also in charge of maintaining relationships with other greek organizations and planning mixer events with them.

The EPO oversees the Social Chair, and the Philanthropy Chair.


External Programming Officer


New Membership Support Officer

The Chapter Advisor is an elected alumni who acts as an unbiased voice within the chapter as well as an intermediary between our international board (ICAPP) and the chapter. 


Chapter Advisor


This organization is not recognized, affiliated, or endorsed by Queen's University. 

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