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Alpha Pi Phi Gamma Chapter would like to acknowledge that they are situated on traditional Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee Territory. ​



What is rush? How does it work?

Rush is a synonym for 'Recruitment' and is the process in which Potential New Members (PNMs) interested in joining come out to events and learn more about Alpha Pi Phi and our sisters. We typically host one information event, and three other events focusing on each of our three main pillars: sisterhood, philanthropy, and social. Although PNMs are encouraged to attend as many events as possible, they are only required to attend one event  in order to be considered for a bid. 


Is there a cost to rush for Alpha Pi Phi?


No, there is no cost to Potential New Members. But keep in mind that every year active sisters do have dues to pay, which depends on the yearly budget!


What do we look for in a potential sister?


Believe it or not, we do not look for anything specific during the recruitment period. We do not discriminate against any person on the basis of colour, physical appearance, social status, family background, race, age, religion, sexual orientation or veteran status; however, sorority recruitment is for females only.


What is hazing? Does Alpha Pi Phi haze?

Hazing is any act that makes an individual feel uncomfortable mentally, physically, or emotionally. This may include anything that may cause public embarrassment or shame, compromise a person's dignity, cause the person to be the object of ridicule, cause psychological harm, or is illegal. Alpha Pi Phi is strongly against hazing and we believe in creating a comfortable environment for all potential new members, active members in their pledging period, and active sisters. To see our Anti-Hazing Policy, click here.


How many girls do we take in each class?

We do not have a set number of girls we will pledge into Alpha Pi Phi. 

06  Do you need to be a part of Queen's University to join?

              No, you just need to be a student attending a university or college in the Kingston community!

07  What year of study do you have to be to rush for Gamma Chapter?

              As long as you become a member before your last year attending a post-secondary program, you are elligible to                           become an active member of our Gamma Chapter

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