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Alpha Pi Phi Gamma Chapter would like to acknowledge that they are situated on traditional Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee Territory. ​


Why Go Greek?
Becoming a member of a Greek organization opens up many doors and allows for many amazing experiences that is very different from an average university student's life. Each organization gives you the opportunity to be involved. However, each organization is also very different from each other, and focuses more heavily on different aspects of their organization's life.


Do you think your pearls would go with our letters?
There are numerous benefits in becoming a part of Kingston's Greek community, and even more in joining Alpha Pi Phi Sorority. Kingston's newest local sorority is looking for bright undergraduate women who are interested in sharpening their leadership skills, getting involved in student life and broadening their social network. As well, Alpha Pi Phi acts as a support system while encouraging academic excellence and philanthropic activity among its members.

What sets us apart?
Being a member of Alpha Pi Phi is certainly more than just being part of any ol' sorority. Alpha Pi Phi holds high standards of its members, and our sisters strive for excellence in every aspect of their lives; after all, we're calling all Alpha Girls to come out to our rush for a reason! Be it, acing psychology class to competitively swimming club to competing in a demolition derby and everything in between - our sisters constantly come out on top! And who wouldn't want to be part of a sorority who always goes for gold? We're also a local organization; self government rests on our shoulders. We control our schedule and determine how many bids are given out during rush, which enables us to choose the girls of highest quality without worrying about numbers. We also control a 100% of our own finances. Yet, unlike most locals, we have the same guidelines and are organized just like any other International sorority. However, we maintain that we are a sisterhood first, not a business.

A sisterhood founded upon the principles of Love, Loyalty and Friendship,
Alpha Pi Phi continues to be the classiest sorority in Canada!

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