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COVID-19 Response

In lieu of COVID-19, Alpha Pi Phi Gamma has decided to move forward with an online recruitment period for Fall 2020. Alpha Pi Phi places the safety and comfort of sisters and PNMs above all else. This decision has been made in efforts to uphold the Alpha Pi Phi values as well as our Anti-hazing policy. 

Though rush will look somewhat different this upcoming recruitment period, we hope that you still choose to come out and see what our organization is all about!

What is rush?

Rush is the time where Alpha Pi Phi recruits Potential New Members (PNMs). Throughout this time, PNMs will attend events which will allow them to get to know Alpha Pi Phi and our sisters. Though we encourage PNMs to attend all events, PNMs are only required to attend one event to be considered. If selected, the PNM will be invited to an invite-only preference event. 

Rush events typically consist of an open house night, a sisterhood event, a philanthropy event, a craft night, as well as the invite-only preference event. 

What is the selection process?

Each PNM who attends one rush event will be considered for an invitation to the invite-only preference event. The invite-only event allows our sisters to get to know PNMs on a more intimate level as well as answering any specific questions a PNM may have. 

PNMs who are invited to the preference event will need to attend an interview with the president and one accompanying exec member in which we will assess the commitment level of the PNM. 

After deliberation with the chapter, selected PNMs will be offered a bid to pledge Alpha Pi Phi. At which point, the PNM will be assigned a big sister who will act as their mentor throughout their pledging period and time with Alpha Pi Phi. At this time, the PNM is now considered an Active Member in her Pledging Period (AMPP).

PNMs will be required to attend pledge class for their first semester with Alpha Pi Phi. At this time, the AMPP will learn about the history and values of Alpha Pi Phi. 

At the end of the AMPP's first semester with Alpha Pi Phi, the AMPP will be initiated into Alpha Pi Phi and will receive their letters!

What is initiation like?

Initiation is a right of passage which only AMPPs who complete their pledging period will be allowed to experience. The initiation process is a privilege and a secret within the organization.

Alpha Pi Phi is proud to say that we have a strict anti-hazing policy. Alpha Pi Phi defines hazing as any activity which could be: harmful to the health or welfare of the individual whether that be physical or mental, is personally degrading to the individual, and/or violates any federal, provincial, or municipal laws or university policy. 

It is Alpha Pi Phi's utmost priority to ensure the safety and comfort of all AMPPs and sisters at all time, therefore, no individual will ever be placed in a situation in which they do not feel comfortable. 

What does an Alpha Pi Phi Sister do?

Alpha Pi Phi's four main pillars are academics, leadership,

sisterhood and philanthropy. There are also social opportunities which will allow sisters to engage with other greek organizations in Kingston or to celebrate our sisterhood.

1 Academics

2 Leadership

3 Sisterhood

4 Philanthropy

Academic excellence is something an Alpha Pi Phi sister strives for. Sisters are required to complete 3 study hours organized by Alpha Pi Phi each month.

Alpha Pi Phi provides members with opportunities to gain leadership skills by taking on positions on the executive council or as a chair.

5 Social

Alpha Pi Phi is a sisterhood by sisters and for sisters. We are truly a family. There is one mandatory sisterhood event each month. These are opportunities for sisters to bond and have fun!

Along with cultivating well-rounded women, Alpha Pi Phi aims to contribute to the community. Alpha Pi Phi's main philanthropic organization is the Alzheimer's Society of Canada. There is one mandatory philanthropy event each month and sisters are required to complete 20 philanthropy hours each semester whether this is through sorority activities or on the sister's own time.

Alpha Pi Phi believes in the value of socialization. We host one non-mandatory mixer each month with another greek organization in Kingston as well as a semi-formal and a formal ball with the purpose of celebrating our sisters' achievements and our organization.

Winter Rush 2021

With winter semester just around the corner, we are anxiously preparing for our second online rush! Please see the following information to learn how rush is changing this semester.

Requirements For PNMs Rushing Winter 2021:

All PNMs must submit an application form as well as a video application in which she answers a set of questions which will be emailed to the applicant after her form is submitted.

All PNMs must attend the open house night, one sisterhood event as well as their interview with the executive council.

All PNMs must register for subsequent events in order to attend.

PNMs who are selected to attend the invite-only preference event must attend

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This organization is not recognized, affiliated, or endorsed by Queen's University. 

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