Sisterhood is the foundation of our organization. It is the love we share for one another which binds us together and creates Alpha Pi Phi.


A sister for everything

Every sister in Alpha Pi Phi is cherished for her individuality and uniqueness.

It is always said within Alpha Pi Phi that there is a sister for everything. We are a family of diverse women who come from all backgrounds and who all have something special to bring to the table. A sisterhood is always having somebody to call, always seeing a friendly face in the crowd and always knowing that you have a community of strong women who have your back. 

Each member has a love for and loyalty towards each of their sisters.

Congratulations to our alumni class of 2020!



Julia Papaevangelou

Logan Warner



Serenna Silva

Sloane Wilson



Kendra Stanley



Brooke Vincent


Active Sisters


Senior Send-off

Senior Sendoff is our celebration for our senior sisters who are graduating or becoming an alumni member. At this event, we celebrate our sister's accomplishments within and outside of Alpha Pi Phi and reminisce on our fond memories of each sister's time as an active member .


This organization is not recognized, affiliated, or endorsed by Queen's University. 

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